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Office for Administrative archives

Director: Ji Xiaoqun     Tel: +86-025-83794725


a.     Collecting, preserving and utilizing all the documents of SEU since 1902;

b.     Receiving, checking, arranging and utilizing all the digital documents from the office automation system;

c.      Preserving and utilizing all the archives of Nanjing Railway Medical College, Nanjing College of Communications, Nanjing Geological School and Nanjing College of Energy Engineering.

d.     Collecting, arranging , preserving and utilizing SEU school newspapers over the years;    

e.      Collecting, arranging , preserving and utilizing students’ admission and graduation archives over the years;

f.       Digitizing printed archives(all the document contents since 1962 have been registered in the document database and all the articles published in the name of SEU since 1980 have been digitized and uploaded to the archive managing system);

g.     Training unprofessional archivists of SEU;

h.     Providing archive checking and utilizing service for individuals and communities(including providing files checking, educational qualifications, college entrance exam results certificates and providing archives for history compilers).


Office for Science and Technology archives

Director: Zhang Kui         Tel: +86-025-83792861


a.     Collecting, arranging, preserving, compiling and checking documents about infrastructure construction and science and research, printed  certificates for master’ s degree, research papers, patent materials, award certificates, school results certificates, admission notices, etc.

b.     Translating school results certificate, enrollment certificate, graduation certificate and degree certificate for students who plan to further their study abroad;

c.      Providing authenticity test for degrees achieved at home and abroad.



Office for Electronic archives and Technology (originally known as Office for Audio-visual archives and Technology)

Director: Liu Ping     Tel: +86-025-83793803-808 


a.     maintaining and ensuring the normal running of the Archives, Chien-Shiung Wu Memorial Hall, the University History Museum , office equipments and network;

b.     Backing up digitized archives and ensuring the data security;

c.      Posting information about archives on the internet; designing and maintaining the homepage of the Archives;

d.     Facilitating the building and developing of digitized archives system by providing technological support;

e.      Building the platform for archives managing system in the second phase of Digital Campus Program;

f.       Collecting, arranging, utilizing, compiling and checking photos, recordings, videos and archives of famous people;

g.     Collecting, arranging, photographing and utilizing physical archives;

h.     Online-checking and filing the digital version of postgraduates’ dissertation;

i.       Cooperating with Graduate School in terms of the evaluation of postgraduates’ dissertation made by the Evaluation Institute of Jiangsu province;

j.       Photographing the visits paid by important persons to the Archives, Chien-Shiung Wu Memorial Hall and the University History Museum;

k.     Providing support for other offices in developing and maintaining archives managing software;

l.       Providing support for the cooperation with The Archives Research Association of Universities and Colleges in Jiangsu Province. 


Office for Faculty and Staff archives

Director: Li Qing          Tel: +86-025-52090345


Collecting, arranging, preserving, providing certificates and forwarding archives of all faculty and staff members.



Office for  Students’ archives

Director: Yu Yan            Tel: +86-025-83792913


a.     Collecting, arranging, preserving, checking, providing certificates and forwarding the archives of all students;

b.     Proving the checking of forwarding address and leftover archives of graduates.


For exhibitions:  

Chien-Shiung Wu Memorial Hall

The Archives is responsible for the normal running of the Chien-Shiung Wu Memorial Hall.

Contact number: +86-025-83795569-804 / 83792261


The History Museum of SEU

The Archives is responsible for the normal running of the History Museum.

Contact number: +86-025-83795569-804 / 83792261

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