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The history of Southeast University (Abbreviated as SEU) can be traced back to 1902, when it was founded as Sanjiang Normal College. Originally known as Comprehensive Archives Department, the Archives was founded on 20th Octobor,1986 and is among the oldest archives of higher education institutes. It is now the Deputy President of the Archives Working Association of universities administrated directly under the Ministry of Education of China and the Secretary General of the Archives Research Association of Universities and Colleges in Jiangsu Province.

All the archive collections of main historical periods are preserved in the Archives. SEU, originally known as Sanjiang Normal College, evolved as Liangjiang Normal College, Nanjing Higher Normal School, National Southeast University National Fourth Sun Yat-sen University, National Central University, Nanjing Institute of Technology and was finally renamed as Southeast University. In April, 2000, Nanjing Railway Medical College, Nanjing College of Communications and Nanjing Geological School were merged into Southeast University, thus all the archives of those colleges and school were preserved together.

21 staff members and four offices of the Archives are responsible for preserving, arranging and managing all archive files. The Archives also shoulders the responsibility of the display, administration and reception of visitors to the University History Museum and Chien-Shiung Wu Memorial Hall, which opens a window to the outside, inherits fine traditions of SEU and also brings life to the archive preservation task. 

Great importance is attached to the preservation of archives. Archives management network has been set up, so as some relevant regulations and rules. The Archives has independent funds for its normal use. Besides, the Archives also owns funds for special purposes, which provides support for the development and running of the Archives. 

With the coverage of about 6000 square meters (the Exhibition Hall covers about 2800 square meters), the Archives owns advanced office equipments and working environment. In recent years, great efforts have been put on digitizing the archive collections. So, computer and network technology has been applied in managing archives. 

     With the spirit of being responsible, being effective, being cooperative and being first-class, the Archives will progressively make achievements.

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