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Curator:     Qian Jiesheng     Tel: +86-025-83793677 / 83792261

Deputy Curator:    Li Yuqing   Tel: +86-025-83792261

Deputy Curator:  Xiao Taitao  Tel: +86-025-83795569-804 / 83792261

Office for Administrative archives

Director: Ji Xiaoqun     Tel: +86-025-83794725

Office for Science and Technology archives

Director: Zhang Kui         Tel: +86-025-83792861

Office for Electronic archives and Technology
Director: Liu Ping     Tel: +86-025-83793803-808  

Office for Faculty and Staff archives

Director: Li Qing          Tel: +86-025-52090345

Office for  Students’ archives

Director: Yu Yan            Tel: +86-025-83792913

For exhibitions:  

Chien-Shiung Wu Memorial Hall   Tel:+86-025-83795569-804 / 83792261

The History Museum of SEU          Tel: +86-025-83795569-804 / 83792261

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