Academic Records for International Students
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Obtaining an Official Transcript

Southeast University Archive processes both Chinese and English transcripts for all undergraduates, the graduates and alumnus. All current students are encouraged to go online to make their reservations. This is the easiest and most efficient way to obtain a paper transcript. Alumni who have no access to the online system are required to come to the archive in person to make the reservation.


Use to make your reservation. Go to “成绩翻译”.

Required Documents:

  • Undergraduates: Students need only one or two transcripts, go to the Academic Affairs Office. (Tel: 52090227, 83794380). Should students need more than two transcripts, first go to the Academic Affairs Office to obtain the transcript, scan it, then login the online system and upload the file.

  • Graduates: Transcripts translation request notice issued and stamped by the Graduate School.

To achieve the notice, students need to sign the file. Link Then, upload the notice into the online system.

  • Alumnus: Students first need to go to their department to obtain the transcript. Bring the transcript along with the Certificate of Diploma or Degree (Copies also work) to the Archive (Sipailou Campus). Students need to visit the Archive to make the reservation.

After submitting your reservation:

  • It takes three days to process the transcript. Please log in the system to check the feedback.

  • The feedback will provide the exact date and location to obtain the transcript. Please come to the Archive with your Student card, transcript, and the receipt for online reservation. Students need to go the Academic Affair Offices or the Graduate School for extra stamp. Make sure to visit these offices as they open only for that day.

Cost of Transcript

  • Official TranscriptChinese and Englishcosts 60 yuan for the first cop, 4 yuan for additional one piece.

  • The Archive charges the fee only through the student card. Please make sure to save enough money before coming to the archive.

Obtaining Certificate of Diploma/Degree

Southeast University Archive processes English certificate of diploma/degree for all alumnus. Alumnus need Chinese version should take the original certificate to the Academic Affairs Office (undergraduate)/ the Graduate Office (graduate). There is no need to make the reservation. Please come to the Archive directly along with your original certificate.

The English certificate of diploma/degree won’t be stamped in the archive. Student should visit the Dean’s office to obtain an official stamp. For the exact time and location to obtain the stamp, please read the notice when obtaining the transcript in the archive.

GPA Certification/ Enrollment Verification Letter

Southeast University Archive processes the GPA Certification and Enrollment Verification Letter for all undergraduates, the graduates and alumnus. All students are encouraged to go the Archive ( SiPaiLou Campus) to obtain the verifications letter and certification. There is no need to make the reservation. Please come to the Archive directly. To obtain the documents in the same day, students are suggested to visit the archive before 11 a.m.

Required Documents for GPA Certification:

  • Undergraduates: GPA Rank letter issued by your Department

  • Graduates: Archive is unable to provide GPA Certification since both Department and The Graduate School won't issue official GPA Rank letter

Required Documents for Enrollment Verification

Students need only one or two letters of enrollment verification, go to the Academic Affairs Office.  For more copies, please come to the archive along with

  • Undergraduates: Letter of enrollment issues by the Academic Affairs Office; Student card

  • Graduates: Letter of enrollment issues by the Graduate School; Student card


1. Does the Archive provide E-transcript?

No. Southeast University Archive provides paper transcript only.

2I have made the reservation online. However, I am fully occupied/ out of town and can not be there in time. What can I do?

If it is inconvenient to come to the archive in person, it is acceptable to have your classmate, friend obtain the document for you. Please read carefully about all the materials needed to process your request. Meanwhile, bring the passport of the principal to have the student indentified.

3. Where to buy envelope? What’s for? How much?

Students can buy envelope when you get the stamp from archive. There are two sizes of envelope. The bigger one is for transcript. The smaller one is for enrollment verification, GPA rank certification. The bigger one costs 1 yuan per item; the small one costs 0.5 yuan.

4. How to pay the fees for transcript/diploma/certification?

Southeast University Archive accepts student card only. Please have enough saving in the card before coming to the archive.

5. Where to get the stamp from the archive?

Sipailou Campus: Archive 407; Jiulonghu Campus: Xingzhenlou 509. Detailed information about where and when to get stamps from the dean’s office, the Academic Affairs Office or the Graduate school, please read the receipt provided by the archive when obtaining the document.