A donation from Prof. Liu Xianjuan from School of Architecture
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    On Dec. 13, 2013, Prof. Liu from School of Architecture donated his newly published book to the Archives. The book, Memories on architectural studying and teaching, is about Prof. Liu’s life experiences, his feelings about teaching architecture, anecdotes about his study abroad and teaching abroad, his research achievement, etc. The book also includes lots of Prof. Hu’s hand drawings and precious photos, which greatly contributes to the research on the history of world architecture.
    About Prof. Liu Xianjue
    Prof. Liu was born in December, 1931. Now Prof. Liu works in School of Architecture, Southeast University and he is a supervisor of Ph.D candidates. In 1953, he graduated from School of Architecture, Nanjing Institute of Technology (now known as Southeast University). In 1956, with the famous Chinese architect Liang Sicheng as his supervisor, he got his postgraduate degree from School of Architecture, Tsinghua University. Since he finished his postgraduate education, he has been working in Southeast University and responsible for the teaching and research on the history of architecture and architectural theories.