The Archives received a precious donation from Mr. Zhang Xijin
Pubdate: 2014-04-09 View Count: 618


     On January 1, 2014, Mr. Zhang Xijin, who once worked as Editor-in Chief of People’s Nanjing Institute of Technology donated the book Memories on Nanjing Institute of Technology to Southeast University Archives. The book is mainly edited by Mr. Zhang Xijin and it is written with reference to biographies of President Wang Haisu of Nanjing Institute of Technology which were written by Mr. Zhang Xijin and also some work reports and memoirs of President Wang Haisu. It also contains many precious archives and photos of Nanjing Institute of Technology. All of these, especially the manuscripts of President Wang Haisu enrich famous persons’ archives preserved in Southeast University Archives.      

    Besides, the donation greatly contributes to the study on the history of Nanjing Institute of Technology.