Professor Wen Liming, Mr. Wen Yiduo’s grandson, visits the Archives
Pubdate: 2014-04-10 View Count: 695


      On the morning of October 24, 2013, Professor Wen Liming, the grandson of Mr. Wen Yiduo (a famous Chinese intellectual) and Ph. D supervisor of Institute of Modern History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences visited the Archives. Mr. Wen Yiduo was recruited as Associative Professor in National Southeast University. When Mr. Wen took up the office, National Southeast University had already been merged into National Fourth Sun Yat-sen University. Mr. Wen worked as the first Dean of Department of Foreign Languages. At that time, Mr. Wen’s family lived in the Guojia Garden in Danpailou, which is now near the Elementary School attached to Nanjing Normal University. Professor Wen intended to follow his grandfather’s steps by visiting the place where his grandfather once worked and lived.

     On that day, Qian Jiesheng, the Curator, Li Yuqing, the Deputy curator and Mr. Su Weiping met Professor Wen and extended their warm welcome to Professor Wen. Staffs from the Office for administrative archives and the Office for audio-visual archives showed relevant archives to Professor Wen. Professor Wen was excited to find his grandfather’s name among the faculty name lists because that was the first record he could ever find in his grandfather’s archives in National Fourth Sun Yat-sen University.